The Cost of Client Management (Hint: You’re Already Paying for It)
July 24, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Tyler Kuresa

Home Logistics is the only company in the home improvement industry to offer outsourced client management services to contractors. However, we are not the only company that performs client management services. In fact, every business in the industry has a client management service whether they realize it or not. Some contractors opt to handle all of their own clients, others build an office of employees. Either way, if you are a contractor, you are paying for client management services through payroll or your own precious time.

How expensive is Home Logistics relative to other options?

If you are a tradesman and run your own shop, you have a few options to handle your client management:

Option 1: Do it yourself

If you aren’t a Home Logistics partner and don’t have any employees, you have chosen the most expensive option available, which is to do the client management yourself. As a small business owner, you essentially have two jobs: 1) Run your projects/ Doing the actual work and 2) Run your business. When we ask independent contractors what they pay themselves to run their business, the standard answer we hear is $0 annually! If you charge $75/hour to install cabinets or hang doors ($150,000 in revenue per year), you should be paying yourself at least $75,000 annually to run your business (1/2 your annual rate). If you’re not currently doing this then you own a job, not a business.

Option 2: Hire an office manager

This is perhaps the most high-risk option. Not only will you be paying at least $5,000 a month plus benefits for this option, but you’re praying that they are proficient at sales, office organization, computing, and customer service. Assuming you find a trustworthy and reliable person, how long will you be able to keep them at your company for $60,000+ a year?

Option 3: Partner with Home Logistics

At a fraction of the cost of options 1 or 2, you can have all the benefits of an office staff and all of Home Logistics representatives are highly qualified to handle your clients for you.

What does Home Logistics Costs?

We do not offer a set price for our services. The price our partners pay is determined by two primary factors: annual revenue generated and number of leads purchased.

What are vendors actually paying for?

When a vendor signs on with Home Logistics, they’re essentially hiring an office staff that will be working directly with their clients. There is no other service in the home improvement industry that offers a team of actual representatives that take work off of your desk by interacting directly with the homeowner.

For a comprehensive overview of the client management services offered by Home Logistics, please refer to by blog post titled “What is Client Management”.

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