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Why are we doing this?

Before launching Home Logistics, Tyler and Spencer owned & operated a real estate investing firm in Sacramento, California. Throughout their projects, they noticed inefficiencies within the home improvement industry that work against both small-medium sized contractors, and home owners.

The goal of Home Logistics is to provide services to small-medium sized contractors that are typically reserved for larger companies in the space. For example, it's not econimically feasible for most contractors to hire a sales team in-house. But with Home Logistics, having a team to manage your leads and post job follow-up becomes not only feasible, but profitable.

We are pioneering the concept of client management because contractors are spending too much time cold calling recycled leads, attending dead end consultations, preparing papaerwork, and invoicing, and not enough time on the things that really matter to them and their business.

Above all, we believe that we can bring an exceptionally high level of customer service to the contractors that partner with us, and the homeowners that hire them!

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